Coming Soon: Playa Bowls

If you’ve ever had the good fortune of indulging in the nutritious culinary items at Playa Bowls in New Jersey, you’re going to jump for joy when you learn that this healthy and delicious dining establishment is making its way to Doylestown.

Set to open at 22 North Main Street with a projected timeline of mid-October, Playa Bowls will be bringing with it a culinary roster filled with good-for-you treats which are exceptionally delicious as well. Some of the items which will grace the menu at Playa Bowls include refreshing smoothies, Nutella-kissed concoctions, fresh fruit bowls and acai-filled treats.

Keep checking back on Exploring Doylestown for a concrete opening date as soon as it’s announced and get ready to start enjoying healthy bites from Playa Bowls in the very near future!

One thought on “Coming Soon: Playa Bowls

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