5 Reasons to Visit Lovebird Today

This past spring, a new restaurant, Lovebird, opened up at 19 East Oakland Avenue in Doylestown and has been bringing in a loyal following ever since. Here are five reasons to dine at Lovebird ASAP:

Farm-Fresh Chicken, Fried to Perfection

One bite of your Lovebird meal and you’ll know just how farm-fresh and sensationally-seasoned the fried chicken offerings are at this fantastic Doylestown eatery. All of the chicken is sourced from Gerber’s Amish Farm and is cooked in pressed canola oil to produce that delectable finished product. Choose from a variety of fried chicken pieces, chicken sandwiches and popcorn chicken options at Lovebird for the meal that meets your desired dining needs.

Fabulous Side Dishes

For those who want something to go along with their main course, Lovebird offers a few different side items to complete the meal.  Lovebird slaw, house-made fries, mac and cheese and Brussels sprouts served crispy with mint and chilies will perfectly accompany the main dish.

Lovebird chicken and fries

Choice of Sensational Sauces

Lovebird offers a choice of flavorful sauces to adorn the chicken, fries or any other menu item you wish to zest up with some sauce. Dining guests can choose from Lovebird special sauce, spiced local honey and sweet chili sauce, to name a few!

Easy Online Ordering

For many of us who are never too far from technology means, Lovebird offers online ordering. This convenient and easy-to-maneuver ordering method will make grabbing a quick lunch at Lovebird an easy feat.

Dining Concept of Jules Thin Crust Owners

Lastly, Lovebird is the concept of the current owners of Doylestown-based Jules Thin Crust and their business partner, owner of Mighty Quinn’s NYC. The restaurant was created by those in the know in the restaurant industry, as well as those who are familiar with Doylestown and its dining community.

Today is the perfect day to pick up lunch or dinner at Lovebird and see why this relatively-new eatery is sure to be a favorite amongst Doylestown locals and visitors.

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