Villa Capri Offers Sensational Italian Cuisine, an Extensive Craft Beer List and Plentiful Entertainment Options in Doylestown

Villa Capri Sports Bar and Pizzeria, located at 51 West Court Street in Doylestown, is known for its sensational pizza pies, Italian entrees, impressive craft beer list and soccer matches galore.

This popular dining spot, which has been in operation since 1968, is a pizzeria plus so much more. In addition to the extensive pizza offerings, ranging from flavorful pepperoni pies to garlic-kissed white pizza and beyond, Villa Capri features a culinary menu which spans from filling appetizers, such as zesty wings and perfectly-seasoned bruschetta, to Italian culinary dishes, including penne primavera, baked manicotti, homemade lasagna and other delicious options.

Villa Capri is also known for its impressive beverage list. From domestic brews on tap and in bottles to the latest craft beers to hit the beverage scene, Villa Capri offers many beverage options for the 21+ crowd to enjoy. For those who prefer adult libations other than beer, wine and cocktail offerings are equally as stellar at Villa Capri.

For the soccer-loving crowd, Villa Capri is your go-to spot for all of the games. This sports bar is known for its soccer-centric atmosphere and soccer aficionados know where to go to watch the games and have a beer or two.

Other entertainment options include Trivia Night every Thursday from 7–9 p.m. and live mic nights and live music sets at various times throughout the week.

Don’t feel like heading out for a meal but craving Villa Capri cuisine? No problem, as Villa Capri delivers. You can have your favorite food offerings delivered right to your door!

Take this weekend to enjoy all that this Doylestown dining spot has to offer. Head to Villa Capri for some unforgettable Italian cuisine, cold brews and live entertainment!

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