Achieve Overall Fitness, Strength, and Confidence at Pennsylvania Pole Academy in Doylestown

There are many fitness options in the Greater Philadelphia area these days, ranging from gentle flow yoga offerings to high-intensity CrossFit sessions. In Doylestown, many fitness options are available as well. If you are searching for a fun and sure-to-get-you-fit type of workout, Pennsylvania Pole Academy should be on your fitness radar.

Located at 328 North Broad Street, Pennsylvania Pole Academy is Doylestown’s premier aerial fitness studio which has been offering a wide array of fitness classes for the past seven years, including pole fitness, lyra classes, resistance band conditioning, aerial yoga, and so much more. The class schedule will change periodically to provide new and unique class options to add to your fitness regimen.

Pennsylvania Pole Academy Pole Fitness

“Pole fitness is a wonderful way to not only get strong, lean and flexible but connect with your body in a meaningful way,” states Jane Fish, aerial fitness instructor at PA Pole Academy.

“When tasked with moving your body in space, your awareness of what your body is doing, how it’s functioning, becomes something you begin to tune into, which is amazing and has an amazing value you can bring into your daily life,” notes Jane. “And whether you enjoy the fitness element of pole or the more fiery movement aspects, you will absolutely have a blast doing it!”

Pennsylvania Pole Academy offers single class purchases, multiple class cards, and monthly memberships. Private sessions are also available. In addition, the Pennsylvania Pole Academy team supports our military and first responders and offers a 20% discount off of any service for military members and first responders and their families.

Looking for an exciting girl’s night out option? Pennsylvania Pole Academy offers party packages of a wide array and each guest is charged a per person fee, with a minimum of six guests in attendance. Get your girlfriends together, pop some champagne and learn some new fitness techniques taught by the knowledgeable and friendly staff at PA Pole Academy.

In addition to being an excellent spot to get in shape, the Pennsylvania Pole Academy is known for its welcoming staff, friendly participants and plentiful camaraderie all around. Those who have been to Pennsylvania Pole Academy, whether for a class or two or who hold a membership and attend classes regularly, all seem to express similar sentiments—that Pennsylvania Pole Academy is a place where you can feel comfortable, confident and welcomed in by the staff and other classmates.

Try a class at Pennsylvania Pole Academy today and see how it can improve your health and wellbeing, as well as provide you with a fun exercise option which you’re sure to love!

Photos credit: Pennsylvania Pole Academy

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