CSA Sign-Ups Are Going on Now at Stoney Lane Organic Farm

Every so often I’ll include an organization or business in an article on ExploringDoylestown.com which is located outside of the Doylestown boundaries , as it’s just too good not to share. Stoney Lane Organic Farm in New Hope is one such business as they are offering an excellent Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and the sign-ups are now open!

Stoney Lane Lemon Cucumber

CSA opportunities enable individuals to receive farm fresh produce and other local items in a CSA package each week. Those who are interested in receiving fresh items straight from the farm on a weekly basis can sign up for a CSA package, choose from amongst various package options, and pay a set package fee to enjoy delicious and healthy farm-fresh goods each week.

The 2019 CSA package sign-up is going on now at Stoney Lane Organic Farm. The CSA features local organically grown items and the packages can include choices of meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, local artisan goods, and more!

Ready to review the package offerings and sign up? All of the information is available on the Stoney Lane Organic Farm website as well as the sign up form.

Sign up for the Stoney Lane Organic Farm CSA program today and get ready for a summer filled with exceptional farm-fresh goods.

Photos credit: Stoney Lane Organic Farm

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