4th Annual Kite Day at Fonthill Castle on May 19

On Sunday, May 19, head to the grounds of Fonthill Castle in Doylestown for the 4th Annual Kite Day, from 12:30–3:30 p.m.

The event, hosted by the Friends of the Bucks County Historical Society, invites kids of all ages to bring their kites to fly at Fonthill Castle or make their own kite at the event to fly that day. For those who wish to craft their own kites at Fonthill, the cost is $5 per kite and you’ll learn how to build it, thanks to the helpful instruction by Clifford “The Kiteman” Quinn, and even be able to decorate the kite to give it your own personal touch!

Fish Kite Pixabay

There will also be a kite presentation by Mr. Quinn at 1 p.m. in the Fonthill Castle tent, so be sure to arrive in time for this exciting speech.

The cost is $5 per family to attend the event and an extra $5 per kite, if you choose to build and decorate one during Kite Day. A limited number of kites will be available at the event, so be sure to get there early, if you wish to buy and build one. Payment for the kites and event itself (cash or check) will be collected at this fabulous fundraising event.

Don’t miss this fun family event at Fonthill Castle on Sunday!


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