Opening Sunday: MeWow Cat Cafe in Doylestown

You’ve probably heard about cat cafes opening in different locations throughout the Philadelphia area. Well, if you have been wanting to visit one in the local area, get ready, as MeWow Cat Cafe will be opening its doors in Doylestown this Sunday, August 4!

MeWow Cat Cafe will be located at 3617 Old Easton Road in Doylestown. The new cafe will offer the opportunity to meet kittens and cats up for adoption and enable visitors to provide these loving animals with a permanent home. MeWow Cat Cafe has joined forces with the Bucks County SPCA and Kitty Junction, who provide the cats to the cafe in order to make a perfect cat-owner match!

Kitten Pose Pixabay

While stopping by or enjoying a meet-and-greet with the kitties of MeWow Cat Cafe, visitors can purchase locally-sourced artisan coffee and homemade desserts during their time at the cafe. If you want to cuddle with the kittens and cats, advance reservations are required and can be made online. The cost to enjoy the Kitty Corral is $6 for 30 minutes of cuddle time. This cost helps to support the MeWow Cat Cafe and its furry residents.

Make plans to attend this wonderful cat-centric cafe and consider adopting one of these beloved cats or kittens to bring home as a new member of the family.

The MeWow Cat Cafe will be open from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. and 3–9 p.m. starting Sunday, August 4.

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