Factory Donuts is Headed to Doylestown

Ready for some more exciting Doylestown dining news? Factory Donuts will be opening a location in Doylestown!

Factory Donuts, known for its delectable featured flavors and create-your-own options, is headed to the Cross Keys Place Shopping Center at 4367 West Swamp Road. With a tentative opening timeframe of mid-November, you will soon be able to savor sweet donut creations, including the Maple Bacon Explosion, French Toast, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, and more.

Factory Donuts

After you select your donuts of choice, be sure to order a cup of hot coffee, iced coffee, sweet tea, hot tea, or other beverage to accompany your breakfast treat or anytime dessert!

For those looking for employment, Factory Donuts is still hiring. The team is looking for part-time staff members for the weekday mornings as well as a few high school and college students to work after school and on the weekends. And, if you want to earn some extra cash around the holidays, Factory Donuts is searching for holiday help as well. Interested individuals can reach out to the owners via email at store04@factorydonuts.net or by phone at (215) 850-0913.

Congratulations to the Factory Donuts team on your upcoming opening in Doylestown!

Photo credit: Factory Donuts


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