Now Open: Rakkii Ramen in Doylestown

It was announced a few weeks ago that Doylestown would be gaining two new restaurants in one convenient location at 52 East State Street: Cup O’ Rakkii and Rakkii Ramen. Cup O’ Rakki opened its doors mid-October and now it’s Rakkii Ramen’s time to wow the Doylestown dining crowd.

Rakkii Ramen Cuisine

Rakkii Ramen is now open for business and serving up delectable ramen dishes in their new location. As the restaurant is still in its soft opening stage, they are currently only open for dinner hours and exclusively serving ramen dishes. This is the perfect time to explore the ramen delicacies and then savor the additional menu items once the restaurant expands its hours.

Stop by Rakkii Ramen tonight (or any night this week) and warm up with some delicious ramen offerings!

Photo credit: Rakkii Ramen

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